The Poison Worm project has arisen from the need to create a global space as a concept of different projects, which the people who are taking part of being restless minds and enthusiasts of art, music and having the need for constant creation brought together working as a whole as individually.

Our first project in full development isTransSynthesis SoundGenesis, a graphic novel that will be printed in early 2019, the plot transports us to the future on planet earth, with the evolution of technology and the decadent human race. A graphic work with original soundtrack, full of sensations and constant questions.


Graphic novel book

Lara Bel Selma – Illustrator. Co-writer. Degree in fine arts  |  Instagram

Víctor Seguí – Scriptwriter. Layout. Director of photography  |  Instagram  |  Web


Original Soundtrack

Dani Gregori – La Haima  – Keyboards, programming, production and mastering  |  Instagram  |  SoundCloud

Sergi Astasio – Guitars, effects  |  Instagram  |  Web

Víctor Seguí – Structure/production, vocals

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