Cover of the first graphic novel book working as a whole by the illustrator Lara Bel Selma and Víctor Seguí as scriptwriter.

TransSynthesis SoundGenesis is a graphic work set in the near future on planet earth, where the evolution of technology and the decaying human race will raise us if we are really evolving. A thriller along with original soundtrack.

The novel will come with songs that can be discovered to listen to throughout the reading which we are working on, the music is linked and inspired by the events that are taking place throughout the plot.

The original soundtrack of TransSynthesis SoundGenesis can also be purchased physically for the ones who want to acquire it.

This work as a whole is a big challenge for us as we are working so hard to let nobody indifferent hoping it is a real success!

Currently we offer the option of pre-booking the work, via web form HERE, and very soon you will have the option to formalize the reservation with a small pre-payment that guarantees the acquisition of the original soundtrack in digital format with 100% discount.

Hopefully, this graphic novel project with original soundtrack looks as interesting as exciting is for the team we are working on to make it real.

As you can see, we offer this interesting project as bilingual format.

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